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Charlotte 49ers basketball: Niners pull off big comeback over Duquesne

So the Charlotte 49ers have their backs to the wall on making the conference tourney, and start 17 down to the worst team in the league? Oh my goodness, it took everything I had to not give up on the season. But we came back. Like Jimmy V used to say, “Survive and advance.”

Well, they did stop the bleeding.  Granted Duquesne came into the game 1-13 in the A-10, but after multi-20 point losses, I’ll take what I can get.  Hopefully, the guys learned from this to not get down to begin with.  And if you do get down to not give up, keep fighting.

Looking forward, if Charlotte beats St. Joe’s at home on Saturday, they’re in the A-10 Tourney in Brooklyn next week.  If they lose, well, they’ll need to hope Dayton beats George Washington.

Niners start the game 8-0–hitting two 3’s–despite being are team of virtually no 3’s.  Nice start to the game.  The game starts slow, and midway through the first half they’re up 12-4, so I’ll take it.

Ingram scores to put Charlotte up 14-5.  Then they steal to get another chance, but can’t convert.  Dukes respond with a 3, 14-8 us.

So what’s the hot thing to do in Pittsburgh tonight?  Obviously not attend a Dukes game.  All of the DU fans are disguised as empty seats.  Shoot during a timeout, even the Dukes cheerleaders are in seats with their pom-poms waving.  What?  Waving pom-poms sitting down.  Why aren’t y’all jumping around?

Duquesne gets the And One! at the 10:37 mark.  It’s 16-11 Niners.  Then they get a wide open 3 to make it 16-14.  Someone guard the 3 man!  Dukes score again, 16-all.

Ivan Benkovic comes out of the timeout with a 3!  Niners are up 19-16.  Marvin Binney of the Dukes responds with a 3, 19-all.  Charlotte gets another 3., but Jeremiah Jones of the Dukes gets the 5th DU 3 to make it 22-all.

Willie Clayton goes 1-2 at the line.  Then Pierria Henry scores.  Charlotte’s up 25-22.  Jeremiah Jones hits another 3 to make it 25-all.  Someone guard the 3 man!

Derrick Colter gets 2 FT’s for Dukes and a 3.  It’s 32-27 Dukes.  Duquesne scores again to make it 34-27 Dukes.  Pierria Henry hits a 3 to make it 34-30 Dukes.

Martins Abele, what are you doing?  The  7’1″ Dukes Center has missed two shots at point blank range in the last five possessions for DU.  Dude, you’re too tall to miss that close.

Chris Braswell scores on a put back of Pierria Henry’s miss to cut it to 34-32 Dukes.  WTH?  Braswell just complained to the refs after a missed shot and gets called for a T.  You’re killing me Braz.  What was that? 

The Dukes go 1-2 at the line to make it 35-32.  Martins Abele finally scores, 37-32 Dukes.  Derrick Colter with a fade-away jumper at the buzzer.  It’s 39-32 Dukes at the half.

Charlotte get blocked on our opening possession, but keep the ball.  Pierria Henry scores, and it’s 39-34 Dukes.

Pierria Henry gets a steal, but also an offensive foul.  The Dukes respond with an offensive foul of their own.

Willie Clayton scores to make it 39-36 Dukes.  The Dukes get another offensive foul to give Charlotte a chance, but they get called for 3 seconds.

It starts to get ugly.  The Dukes constantly score and the Niners don’t.  It gets to 60-43, putting Charlotte at 17 down.  Can they make a comeback to save our season?

Terrence Williams put back.  Pierria Henry scores.  It’s 60-47 Dukes.  Darion Clark hits a FT, and Pierria Henry hits a lay up.  It’s 62-50 Dukes.  Henry scores again.  Ingram hits a jumper.  It’s 63-54 Dukes.

Chris Braswell lays it in.  Then he hits a 3, followed by an and-one after a layup.  It’s 67-62 Dukes.  Braz is trying to redeem himself for that T at the end of the 1st half–hitting two FT’s to make it 69-64 Dukes.

Sean Johnson goes 2-2 at the line to make it 71-64 Dukes.  He has hit entirely too many FT’s.  Backdoor for T-Will.  71-66 Dukes.  Andre Marhold misses both FT’s.  Charlotte makes one FT and Pierria Henry scores to get the Niners within 71-69.  Benkovic hits a 3, and Charlotte up 72-71.  Jeremiah Jones hits a Dukes 3, and it’s 74-72 DU.  Henry ties it at 74-all.  Derrick Colter gets a 3 for DU, 77-74 Dukes.  Henry bails the Niners out again, and it’s 77-76 DU.

Duquesne calls timeout exactly 10 seconds after they get possession and can’t get past halfcourt.  Surely the refs will call backcourt.  No they backdate the clock one second so it looks like DU only used nine seconds in the backcourt.  WTH?

Braz gets Charlotte’s last three points to tie it at 79.  Niners get the ball back with 1.6 seconds on a held ball and make a 3 at the buzzer–but the horn had gone off, even though was still time on the clock and the red light didn’t go off yet.  Surely the refs will watch a replay to give Charlotte the win that they earned.  Surely they wouldn’t talk amongst themselves with no replay to job them again?  Yes, apparently it is job 49ers night in the A-10, AGAIN.  So no 3, and we’re going to OT.

Charlotte score off the opening tip-off of OT.  81-79 49ers.  Braz hits two FT’s, and the Niners are up 83-79.

Sean Johnson hits two FT’s for the Dukes and so does Quevyn Winters and it’s 83-all.

Benkovic for 3!  But Winters hits one right back, 86-all.

Braz scores and it’s 88-86.  Charlotte steals the ball.  At 2.8 seconds of OT, Ingram goes 0-2 at the line.  Still 88-86.

DU calls timeout at 1.8 seconds.  They throw out of bounds at 1.4, then foul before Charlotte can inbound.  Braz goes 1-2 at the line, and it’s 89-86.

Johnson of DU gets fouled with 0.3 and makes 1-2.  It’s 89-87, and the Niners get the rebound off the intentional miss to prevail 89-87 in OT.

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