This Might Be A Little Steep For Charlotte 49ers Football Tickets

August 31 will arguably be the biggest day in the history of the Charlotte 49ers athletic department as the football team kicks off against Campbell in their first game since the 1940’s. Today, I noticed that StubHub, the well-known site that allows fans to buy and sell tickets, had a listing for that very game.

One thing that sticks out first and foremost is the fact that Charlotte is being referred to as the “North Carolina Charlotte 49ers”. Not only is it a mouthful to say, champions of the vocal name-change movement will be quick to point out (rightly) that it should simply say “Charlotte 49ers”.

But apart from that, check out the prices. Keep in mind that season tickets sold for just $180. Either this is a FSL holder that got his/her hands on one and realized he/she can’t make it, or a student that got a ticket from his/her parents through the previously mentioned FSL and needs money to buy a book.

Unless prices for college books have decreased significantly since I was in college, that $400 should be able to buy them at least two.

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