Sold out: All Charlotte 49ers football FSLs, non FSL season tickets purchased

Unless you’re a UNC Charlotte student, a FSL holder or a non-FSL season ticket holder, you’re probably out of luck to catch the Charlotte 49ers on the football field.

The athletic department announced over Facebook that all FSLs (5,000 of them) and non-FSL season tickets had been sold out. In addition, the student ticket allocation will go to a lottery; around 7,500 of those are available (7,000 of them were requested in the first 24 hours of being released).

A bit of clarification for students is necessary at this point: regardless of how early or how late you request a ticket, it will have no bearing on whether or not you are awarded one. That means that the bright-eyed student that requested theirs at 8:00:00 on Monday morning has the same shot as someone who waits until the last second to put in their request. After that, it’s a waiting game; the claim period begins August 27th at 9am.

For non-students looking to get in, there’s sure to be some season ticket holders that won’t be able to make it and release their tickets to the public. Keep an eye on the online ticket brokers and there will be some that filter out (and it’s happened already).

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