Charlotte 49ers Countdown to Kickoff: Brian Hudson to start at QB for Campbell?

While the Charlotte 49ers may have been game-planning for Dakota Wolf at quarterback for Campbell, there seems to be a little wrinkle in those plans. That’s because Brian Hudson, the transfer from Liberty, has reportedly won the starting QB job over Wolf.

Last year with the Flames, Hudson proved to be quite serviceable while in the game. In eleven appearances (two starts), he went 39-67 passing (58.2%) for 498 yards and 4 TDs. His two starts came at the beginning of the season against FBS team Wake Forest in a near upset (20-37, 263 yards, two touchdowns) and Norfolk State (12-22, 144 yards, one touchdown, but sacked three times). In comparison, last year for the Camels, Wolf went for 97-181 passing for 801 yards and three touchdowns, but he adds a greater dimension to the offense with his rushing ability (617 yards on 161 carries, seven touchdowns). Apparently head coach Mike Minter (a member of the Liberty staff in 2012) feels that (a) either Hudson gives them the best chance over Wolf to win under center or (b) he is looking to throw the Niners off the trail from a planning standpoint.

Either way, it’s an interesting storyline that has developed as we stand less than 48 hours away from kickoff. What effect will it have on the game? We’ll have to see on Saturday.

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