Charlotte 49ers Countdown to Kickoff: "Three Downs" with Campbell Times Sports Editor

Three Downs” is our weekly Q&A with a writer covering the Charlotte 49ers’ opponent.  Let’s go “Three Downs” today with The Campbell Times’ sports editor LynJosha Russell prior to the Charlotte 49ers/Campbell Camels matchup on August 31. LynJosha was able to provide a student’s perspective of where the team has been in the past as well as where they are heading.

1. How has the Campbell community received Mike Minter since his hiring?
The Campbell community has received Coach Mike Minter very well, and we welcomed him with open arms when he joined our family in March 2013. He has been our beacon of hope for our 2013 season.

2. After the 1-10 season last year, what is the overall expectation of how the team will do in 2013?
As you can see, we had a pretty bad season last year, Coach Minter has been working these players very hard. Our expectation is that we will win more games this year, especially from knowing what Coach Minter is capable of.

3. Campbell is a relatively young program itself (since 2008)…how have the students been able to buy in to the team from what you’ve seen?
As the student body, we’ve always supported our football team even in our losses. We hope and pray that every season we will get stronger. We are building a new stadium, so that shows that we as Campbell students fully support our football team. Yes, we are still a young program but we are growing and strengthening each and every day.

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