Charlotte 49ers Football: Matt Johnson looks sharp in debut

Nobody knew what to expect from Charlotte 49ers quarterback Matt Johnson when he and his teammates stepped out on the field today against Campbell. After today, it looks like he is a star in the making.

The redshirt freshman went 19-29 for 282 yards and three touchdowns–with no interceptions and just one sack–as the Niners ran away with a 52-7 victory in their inaugural game.
“I’ve really got to put it all on the O-line,” Johnson said after the game. “Our receiving corps was amazing today–I got to go to a lot of people. Mark Hogan took a lot of pressure off very early on–I was pretty nervous before that pick, but I felt that I could work a little bit.”
The atmosphere played a big part for the young QB, especially after running out of the tunnel for the first time in front on over 16,000 fans.
“It was the first time I had played in front of that many people,” Johnson said. “It was such a blessing for me. First time I had played on TV. A lot of dreams came true for me today.”
Did he expect his first game to turn out the way it did?
“I wanted it to go like this,” he responded. “This was the standard of the day. I hoped it was going to be like this. I felt like when I stepped out on the field that we really had a chance of coming out and doing something. We had no idea of how they were going to play, but we knew how we had to play.”
Looking ahead, Johnson knows the wins won’t always come this easy.
“I honestly think it’s going to be a little tougher for this team because we’ve been preparing for two years (to play Campbell). We’ve got one week until we play Chowan…We know we’ve got to work (before next week’s game). I missed a lot of reads today and made some mistakes…but we came out on top (today).”

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