January 28, 2012; Charlotte, NC, USA; Charlotte 49ers fans show their spirit as their team plays against the Xavier Musketeers at Halton Arena at UNCC. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Charlotte 49ers fans: Let's have some class

Well, it looks like Paul Horner’s article about Charlotte 49ers fans leaving the North Carolina Central game this past Saturday has gotten more than a little reaction. But now I’d like to take the conversation a little farther and speak to the fans that actually do stick around, not the fans that leave.

First off, chants, sayings and giving the opposing team a hard time are all part of the game. “I believe that we will win”, “Come on you boys in green”, “Forty-Niners”, “She fell over” (the latter at men’s soccer games, by the way)–we’ve all heard them at sporting events.  Once in a while, some clever fan will make an utterance that gets the entire crowd laughing.

But when did we get to the point that profane chants are OK?

I recently saw someone post on Facebook that such chants were “the funniest”.  Actually–no, they’re not funny at all. They’re immature, rude and classless–and are a black mark on the ones saying that. The stories are out there about families who have taken their children to games, only to leave due to crass behavior from fans.  That’s not just at other places, but here as well.

While we can debate about how early is too early to leave a football game (or a basketball game) for that matter, can we agree on the point that profanity-filled chants aren’t cool at all?  Now I’m all for having a little fun at the opponent’s expense–if they fall, miss a bad shot, etc. But “F*** you (team name)” is OK? What if that had been the opposing team’s fans chanting that at us? Our fans would be climbing all over themselves complaining about that kind of behavior.

So before you do a chant that might be potentially profane, rude, and lacking in class, put yourself in the shoes of the opposing fan. Better yet, put yourself in the shoes of the players and student-athletes who train every day to play the game.

Have fun, Niners fans–but keep it clean.

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