What's your favorite Charlotte 49ers moment of 2013?

Charlotte is set to add more women's sports over the next decade in order to come into compliance with Title IX regulations, according to AD Judy Rose. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Harbin, Pick Axe Digest staff photographer

Mandatory Credit: Kevin Harbin, Pick Axe Digest staff photographer

It’s been quite a year in Niner Nation for Charlotte 49ers fans.

From the men’s basketball team’s last second win over Michigan a few weeks back, to the men’s soccer team winning the Conference USA title on their home field, to all the memories from the inaugural season of 49er football (including The Comeback against Gardner-Webb and the Mark Hogan pick six versus Campbell), there’s no shortage of key moments to pick from.

Pick Axe Digest has enjoyed bringing you the latest Niners news all year long–not only the ups of the wins, but the downs of the losses as well. Now, as the calendar turns to 2014, we look forward to what’s in store for the new year, which will begin with basketball opening Conference USA play and proceeding to baseball, softball and other sports in the spring.

Rather than a traditional year-end retrospective of 2013 where we tell you what our specific top moments were, we’ve decided to turn it over to you, the fans and visitors, to tell us what moment you personally remembered. Whether it’s a particular play, performance, or game, we’d like to know.

Scroll down to the comment section and let us know. We’ll post the best comments on Facebook and Twitter. And happy New Year!

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