Charlotte 49ers RB Alan Barnwell arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia

One of the Charlotte 49ers’ football players has found himself in some legal hot water after a traffic stop early this morning turned up a few things that wasn’t supposed to be there.

Pick Axe Digest has learned that Charlotte 49ers running back Alan Barnwell has been arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia (a misdemeanor) and for driving with a revoked license.

Around 2:30 Sunday morning (January 19) Barnwell was stopped in his vehicle. Upon running his plates and information, it was found that his license was revoked. A search of his car resulted in the finding of the drug paraphernalia (the specific nature was not specified in the arrest report). He was taken to jail and held on $600 bond.

Barnwell, a redshirt freshman, enjoyed a solid year at running back for the Niners as he split time with true freshman Kalif Phillips. The Burlington, NC native ran for 686 yards on 133 carries while tacking on five touchdowns.

We will continue to monitor this developing situation and keep you abreast of what we learn as it becomes available. But it’s always unfortunate to see this happen–hopefully this becomes an exception and not the rule for Barnwell, and that he can use this as a learning experience moving forward.

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