Charlotte 49ers football: The QB situation after Patrick O'Brien's departure

Last night, we tweeted that Charlotte 49ers third-string QB Patrick O’Brien had left the program and was returning to UNC Pembroke–the school he left to come to Charlotte. He’ll be looking to get back on the football field with the Braves in 2014.

That may have an effect on the Niners’ two incoming quarterbacks: signee Brooks Barden–who had been expected to redshirt his freshman season and be ready to go in 2015–and verbal commit Chris Montgomery, a high-school signal caller that was expected to switch to wideout/running back here in college.

So what’s the plan moving forward?

One option is that Barden will not be redshirted and instead will immediately join the battle at quarterback with Matt Johnson and Lee McNeill. Another is to keep Montgomery at QB, despite original plans, install him as an emergency option in case Johnson and McNeill go down, go with the original plan to redshirt Barden, and move on from there. Option three may see the Niners make a push for another 2014 quarterback, as several undecideds connected to Charlotte remain.

I seriously doubt that Brad Lambert and the staff will have only two quarterbacks on the depth chart come this spring. I’m also sure they have a plan in place, and what that is will become clearer in a few weeks.

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