Charlotte 49ers Football Recruiting: Which Five Signees Can Make the Biggest Impact?

Niners head coach Brad Lambert (Photo courtesy Pick Axe Digest staff photographer Kevin Harbin)

Niners head coach Brad Lambert (Photo courtesy Pick Axe Digest staff photographer Kevin Harbin)

The madness of National Signing Day is over for the Charlotte 49ers, but the speculation and prognostication has only begun. Here’s the five signees that we think could make an impact on the program, if not immediately, then certainly in the near future:

Brooks Barden, QB (early enrollee)
We expect that he will push incumbent Matt Johnson for the starting job barring a redshirt. Worst case scenario: he beats out Lee McNeill for the backup slot. Either way we think that the Niners have themselves quite a player in Barden, who got some looks from Louisville and threw 77 touchdowns, just seven picks and nearly 5,000 yards in two seasons at the helm in Cartersville.

TL Ford, WR
It helps that Barden will have two of his primary weapons in high school alongside of him in college, Ford and Mark Quattlebaum. We give Ford (18 TD’s, 1149 yards) the easy edge between the two. When you grab a kid that has been offered by a Big 12 school like Kansas State and gotten looks from Georgia and Alabama, that says a lot about the kid; don’t be surprised to see him start right away in 2014 with Mikel Hunter gone.

Workpeh Kofa, WR
It helps to have a player who’s been a winner all through high school on your roster. Kofa is it, and while Independence was “only” 8-5 last year, they’re traditionally one of the heavy hitters in Charlotte-area football. Probably the biggest shocker of all the recruits, he spurned an offer from Louisville to play here in the Queen City.

Tre’shun Wynn, CB
The staff has shown a knack for beating out FBS schools for prospects, and Wynn (offered by N.C. State and ECU among others) is one of them. A solid two-way player that saw time at corner as well as a RB, you get the idea of the kind of athlete he is (56 tackles, 576 rushing yards and 135 receiving yards).

Nate Davis, OL
Size matters on the o-line and the 6’3″, 275 pound Davis brings it. He’ll have to battle his way into the starting lineup like everyone else, but Charlotte is getting a player that is ranked as one of the top o-lineman in the state of Virginia.

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